Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP) Update

RCLA’s Aquatic Invasive Species leaders met with Dave Blumer to review the results of the CLP pre-treatment survey done by Freshwater Scientific Services.   Based on the results of the pre-survey, the size of this year's herbicide treatment is being reduced to 28 acres.   The main reason for the reduction is that CLP is again not as prevalent this spring (very good news).  Attached below is a map that illustrates the treatment areas - treatment will take place all three of our lakes. The herbicide treatment should be taking place on 5/29 and will be done by Northern Aquatic Services.   Given the reduced the acreage  the herbicide treatment should be completed in one day.

Also note that where the RCLA lakes were treated last year there is significantly less CLP present - evidence that these herbicide treatments are working.

Please contact Tom Goodwin at with any questions about this information.