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Brett Hienlein
Michael Klutho
Tim Lewis

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

Educate and communicate about the aquatic invasive species and their detrimental effects to our RCLA lakes; Implement approved control techniques on those aquatic invasive species present.


  1. Educate and communicate to all members of RCLA, all land owners on or near our lakes and the greater public about AIS.

  2. Implement approved control techniques on the AIS present.

  3. Continue operating the ILID system RCLA owns at Waldo Carlson Park to monitor boat landing activity.

  4. Evaluate and apply for additional WI DNR AIS grants.

Jeff Iverson (c)
Penny Iverson

Coupon Book

Produce and distribute a coupon book annually to provide revenue to RCLA and encourage customer attendance at local RCLA establishments.


  1. Expand coupons beyond restaurant and golf services.

  2. Increase number of coupons in book.

  3. Significantly increase net profit.

Fish Habitat

Provide an ecosystem not provided by fish cribs. To increase the number of invertebrates available to fish for a food source. To provide essential cover for young fish which are subject to predation.


  1. Construct a total of six structures over a two-year period completing three structures per year.

  2. Place structures…

  3. Install more structures…

Dan Ellefson (c)

Len Christianson (c)

Lake Information & Safety

Enhance information sharing with members and increase safety on our lakes.


  1. Buoys/markers – install, remove & maintain buoys and markers according to our permit with the WI DNR.

  2. Kiosks -- Maintain kiosks to encourage information sharing with RCLA members and the general public.

  3. Boater Safety – Provide opportunities for boaters to obtain Boater’s Safety Certificate.

Sue Sleik (c)


Sustain existing and grow new membership in RCLA.


  1. Retain all current members through value-added activities.

  2. Obtain new members.

Valerie Bausch (c)
Nicole Engler
Cindy Goodwin
Cheryl Hoffard
Debbie Johnson
Jane Johnson
Nan Leyh
Peggi Page


Increase knowledge of our natural surroundings; help protect natural habitat and share information with our RCLA community on how to co-exist with nature through various projects and educational programs.


  1. Identify and define additional educational programs

  2. Maintain involvement with existing Nature Projects

    1. Loon Watch Program

    2. Purple Loosestrife Monitoring and Management

    3. Wild Rice Mapping

    4. Dark Skies Program

Newsletter & Website

Increase awareness about RCLA accomplishments and plans.  Educate members and others about RCLA activities. Illustrate accomplishments to mission via pictures and articles.


  1. Produce newsworthy newsletter semi-annually.

  2. Use RCLA website to educate and communicate to RCLA members and general public about RCLA accomplishments and activities, inviting participation.

Becky Garthofner (c)

Shoreline & Island Restoration

Public island restoration and preservation.


  1. Determine the status of the public islands in Red Cedar and Hemlock regarding island and shoreline erosion.

  2. Stabilize soils on the other public island in Hemlock and Red Cedar Lakes.

  3. Monitor/maintain the work completed in 2015 on the island cross from Waldo-Carlson Park.

  4. Identify projects for the WI DRN Healthy Lakes Grants.

Rich Hokanson (c)

Water Quality

To monitor, analyze and direct efforts to ensure optimal water quality is attained and sustained.


  1. Water Quality Monitoring – Provide resources to regularly sample water on each of the three lakes and report this to Citizen Lake Monitoring Network.

  2. WI DNR – Coordinate with WI DNR and outside consulting services to identify further testing instruments and locations for testing and submit for a water quality grand that wards by body of water.

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Patrick Blackaller
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